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Plastic moulding solutions!

H&H Packaging is a leading manufacturer of both
Pressure Formed and Vacuum Formed products:

We specialise in small as well as large quantities and provide timely and cost effective solutions to your moulding needs. We also provide a full
in-house product design service, accurate
CAD/CAM tooling and fully maintained
onsite toolroom.
Vacuum Forming
We are equiped with several vacuum forming machines capable of producing both small and large size mouldings. With a range of machines with varying capabilities we can cater for both small or very large production runs. Please call us to discuss how we can meet your forming needs.
Pressure Forming
We also operate a large range of pressure forming machines suitable for blisters, caps, trays and single shot packaging. Pressure forming is a very cost effective way of producing components as they are cut from the material web during the forming process.